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The Black Panther Hollywood needed.

Black Panther is king!

Ryan Coogler has set the bar. Black Panther tells the story of the Marvel superhero T'Challa, but this movie was so much more. Africa is the Motherland for those who slept through social studies. Black Panther shows the rich history and heritage for all people and cultures in the world. Coogler allows you to escape the modern landscape (or sunken place) that most black Americans feel on a day to day basis.

The magnificent ensemble cast lead by Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong'o and Michael B Jordan allows to dream what a culture can be within your own community. Black children finally have a hero they can see theirselves in. If you haven't recognized what Black Panther has done for the landscape of the black community - is that we are stronger together. There was a similar outlook on life when our greatest president of my time took step in the White House with his wife Michelle and two small children. Yes, you got it. President Barack Obama. Do you remember the streets were filled with black children believing they can also be president? Even white people were feeling empowered behind the progress.

With this type of success do not let the momentum go to waste. Show this type of support in your communities and local businesses. Ava Duvernay's upcoming movie, A Wrinkle in Time is due for much success. Continue and press on.

Black Panther is king!

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